Our Brewery

Our brewhouse in a 2 vessel 1800L DME system, designed in Canada. It has a combined Mash/Lauter Tun and combined direct fired gas Kettle/Whirlpool. We have 4 double-sized (3600L) fermenters and 1 Bright Beer tank. If that's all Greek to you, all you really need to know is that the equipment makes good beer, is super easy to use and most importantly, it's shiny. Also, each fermenter holds about 12361 pots of brewery fresh beer! Click here to view a short video on the "Building of The Nest".

Interested in learning more about Craft Beer? We’re now running tours at “The Nest” to help with your beer education! It’s $10/head for the tour, which lasts about 45 mins to 1hr, and includes a tasting session of all 6 of our beers (~150ml pour) that are on tap at the time. Tours are limited to groups 15 people, and we run tours on the following days and times:

Saturday at 12:30pm

Bookings essential via website and must be made a week in advance. Get down to The Nest this weekend!

Please note: Calendar shows number of places remaining only and are limited to 15. If you have a larger group, please email thenest@twobirdsbrewing.com.au with your details.

our philosophy

We make the kind of beers that we enjoy drinking, so we make beers that have flavour and interest, while being clean, sessionable and approachable.
We also believe in balance, both in beer and in life, so we aim to make the kind of beers that suit good times with your mates and also that match whatever is on your plate. We also like to have fun and do things a little differently, so expect to see some more out-there beers in the future!

About Us

Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen grew up and met in Perth over 16 years ago, but it took a two-week tour of the West Coast of the US in 2010 for them to realise how much they had in common.

Their shared love for the finer delights in life saw them visit breweries, wineries and dine at some world-renowned restaurants. During the trip the West Australians hatched the idea to start their own brewing company and after 6 months of discussing their dream to own and run their own business, Two Birds Brewing was born. Jayne and Danielle gave up their full time jobs and the journey began in earnest in June 2011.

The Two Birds decided to initially work with a brewing facility in Geelong, Victoria, so they could focus on recipe development and establishing their brand and distribution, before attempting to tackle the challenge of funding their own brewery. Their first beer, the Golden Ale launched in October 2011, with Sunset Ale following in May 2012.

They gained early support from independent retailers, bars, restaurants and hotels who were all following the craft beer trend and the Two Birds travelled the country attending nearly every beer festival, event and tasting to share their beers with eager enthusiasts.

In April 2013 they decided it was time they stepped out of the daily running of the business to refocus and re-energise. They headed back to the US to attend a conference and immerse themselves in the craft beer revolution that is the US. The trip was just what they needed and they returned inspired and determined more than ever to continue working towards their dream, of owning their very own shiny Stainless Steel.

Jayne and Danielle worked night and day to finalise plans for phase two of Two Birds Brewing – “The Building of the Nest”. By July 2013 they were confident in themselves and their business plans. They were both committed to taking the next step, of investing further capital and to cement a long hoppy future for Two Birds Brewing in the ever expanding and exciting craft beer industry of Australia.

After a long 7-month wait, their brewery and equipment arrived from overseas in March 2014. They’d long settled on a site in Melbourne’s inner West and were sky high in submitting permits, liaising with councils, builders, plumbers etc.

The Two Birds were on their way to turning a dream into reality.

The Two Birds Brewing facility began brewing its first beers in June 2014 and the Tasting Room opened in July 2014, 3 years after the Two Birds took flight. The site at 136 Hall Street in Spotswood houses their 18hL DME 3 vessel Brew-house , where they’ll brew their keg production for the East Coast of Australia. For the time being, packaged product & Kegs for WA will still be brewed at Gage Roads Brewing Company in Perth, Western Australia.

The Two Birds cannot wait to share more of their brews with the growing number of craft beer appreciators and look forward to saying ‘Hi’ to you at The Nest!
Will phase 3 of the journey be a bottling line?
Only time will tell!
After all…..
the saying at Two Birds is…..