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Birds, Birds, Birds…

We don’t know about you, but enjoying nature and birdwatching has been getting us through these past few months and every so often we like to soak it up over a beer or two. So we reached out to our friends at BirdLife Australia to create a bird safe, earth safe, Birdhouse that doubles as a 6 pack of beer!

A great Sunday arvo activity, the perfect gift and sure to please beer and/or bird lovers everywhere, snag your Beer Only or Beer & Cider mixed 6 pack Birdhouse and get #birdingathome…

Here’s what you’ve got to do!

STEP 1: Unpack your beers into the fridge!

STEP 2: Carefully pop out the bird shaped cutouts on
the long sides and each side will now have a

STEP 3: Fill the bottom of your birdhouse with good
quality seed or nectar mix and then close up
the roof. (See some tips at

STEP 4: Find your birdhouse a nice home in your
backyard by adding some string and tying to
a tree. Or simply place out on your balcony in
a spot protected from wind and rain.

Remember! Wild bird feeding is a sometimes treat for our winged mates. Once you’ve enjoyed some arvo beers and birding, clean out your birdhouse and dispose of it correctly

Ready to get birdwatching?!