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Can you believe it?

Musician Beck might’ve been on the mark at the time with his lyrics: Bottles and cans, just clap your hands. However, these days it seems we’re only clapping our hands for cans.

We finally ended our ten-year love affair with beer in bottles and launched a fresh new look + our core craft range in 375ml cans.

We figured, it’s about bloody time! While the packaging has changed, we’re not changing the recipe of the beers – they’re the same great beers you know and love.

We’ve spent a decade getting the brew just right, and we’re proud of these beers – they are bloody delicious, and cans are a fresh new way to enjoy our beers.

Our core range of Summer Ale, Pale Ale and Sunset Ale are now available in 375ml cans.

If you’re a Taco Beer fan (and we know there are plenty of you), you needn’t worry; the new release 330ml cans are just weeks away and will be launched under the range name Beers with a Twist.

We’re also adding a new beer to our Beers with a Twist range – we’ve adopted The Gatherer from our sibling brand Stone & Wood. The watermelon, cucumber and mint beer is now brewed and canned our Spotswood home.