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Got what it takes to be our next Melbourne Craft Beer Ambassador?

If you’re a craft beer drinker that frequents Melbourne’s North and CBD haunts, chances are you’ve come across Alice Boyd, or more likely, she’s hustled past you, getting our brews across some of the best taps, fridges and shelves around the city.  As we farewell our superstar Craft Beer Ambassador and begin the exciting search for the newest face of our flock (check out the position description and get applying at [email protected]) we sat down with Alice to hear about her time as a third bird and her advice for making it in the beer industry, before she jets off for a new adventure in Cambodia… 

How did you get into craft beer and what drew you to Two Birds?

I moved to Vancouver in 2015 and saw how much of a booming industry it was with lots of career opportunities, and I loved the small community feel of it all. I started working in a brewery tasting room and then moved into sales.  I was drawn to Two Birds because I loved Taco (and the rest of the beers!) and because a female owned brewery was right up my alley. I found the Two Birds story to be very inspiring and I have a huge amount of respect for Jayne and Danielle. It’s my dream job!

What was your epiphany beer? 

Fat Tug IPA by Driftwood Brewing (Victoria, BC). This beer really kicked off my love for West Coast IPAs.

What do you love most about your job repping for Two Birds? 

The beer and the people. I absolutely love the beers that our brewers produce, and I get to meet and work with a huge range of people that are doing what they love.

Being surrounded by a great team, and working with so many passionate people in the industry makes me feel very lucky.

You’ve been with Two Birds for nearly three years, what achievements are you most proud of?

I have loved forming partnerships with so many inspiring and inclusive groups, such as female fronted music events and events in the LGBTQ+ space.  And of course, there’s nothing like getting a big sale over the line after working at it for months or even years.

Being on the ground in front of bars and retailers everyday gives you real insight into the shape of the industry. What do you think is next for Aussie craft beer?

It’s hard to say as it’s a fast moving industry, but I think as craft beer continues to enter the mainstream drinking market, there will be a bigger demand for really easy drinking ales and lagers. People who previously didn’t drink beer will probably continue to start with sours, I can’t see that style slowing down anytime soon.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to enter the craft beer industry, particularly in sales? 

I would tell them that my job isn’t just drinking beer all day, which people often joke about when I say that I work for a brewery! You need to have a thick skin, be very organised and work hard, but also be passionate about small business and beer.

Why do more and more women need to get into the beer industry?  

Because it’s a really supportive industry where women are thriving. The fact that people have been convinced that beer is a ‘real man’s drink’ is completely ridiculous, so I would love to see more women leading the way and breaking this stereotype.

Is it true you’re getting a Two Birds Double Bantam tattoo?

Ha! If Jayne brews the beer again, I’ll commit!

Want Alice’s job? Check out the position description here and email your application to ​[email protected]​, including Craft Beer Ambassador (Melbourne) in the subject line. Applications close 12th January 2020.