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HEY NEW BREWS. IPA & Cider have left the brewery…

Introducing our new year rounders – India Pale Ale and for the first time ever, Two Birds Apple Cider.

Followers of our Limited Releases will know it’s not our first rodeo when it comes to brewing IPAs. But we thought it was about time to nail a recipe and introduce one to the flock for good.

Bringing together Aussie and US hops (Galaxy, Cascade and Citra) our India Pale Ale is bold, fresh and fiercely fruity with notes of passionfruit and mango following a lean malt body. Inspired by the classic West Coast style, this is the kind of IPA you can come home to everyday, with a balanced bitterness rounding out big tropical, citrus and pine flavours.

Then there’s the cider. While it might’ve felt like a lifetime since Brewer Jayne last turned her hand to cider (she was just a pipsqueak back then), the whole process came back to her once she stopped and smelled the apples (and spent many hours with the team experimenting…)

Brewed in-house with locally sourced apples, our Apple Cider is the perfect balance of sweet and dry, the ideal thirst quencher. Appealing to both cider lovers and stubborn beer folk like us, seriously.

So, what’s with the bottles? For us, it all comes down to locality. Our local glass makers are 950 METRES down the road from our brewery in Spotswood, Victoria. Literally 5 minutes. So we’re pretty chuffed to not only support local business BUT ALSO keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. By keeping things in Spotswood, we support a closed loop recycling process, with all bottles recycled locally and not sent offshore.

This means that once you’ve had the final swig of your Two Birds beer and popped it in the recycling bin like the good recycler you are, it can be back to the brewery and in your local’s fridge within as little as 30 days!

IPA and Cider are flying around the country now.

Haven’t see Two Birds on tap / in fridge at your local before? Give us a holler at [email protected] Or, shop online here.