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As Australia’s first female founded brewery;  International Women’s Day (IWD) is an important date in our annual calendar and one that we are grateful to receive so much support on. 

Marked annually on March 8th and celebrated globally, International Women’s Day (IWD) is one of the most important days of the year to acknowledge women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements. It’s also an incredible way to shine a light on female-focused charities and give them the attention they deserve.

For everyone at Two Birds, we’re proud of the changes we’ve been able to make over the past decade, breaking down bias in the traditionally male dominated beer industry.  Our aim is to continue to inspire women and give them the courage to consider careers in beer, brewing and other non-traditional female industries.

The IWD 2022 campaign theme: #BreakTheBias

Imagine a gender equal world.
A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.
A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.
A world where difference is valued and celebrated.
Together we can forge women’s equality.

Collectively we can all

Raise a glass with us this IWD and let’s break it.


This year, we have teamed up with Dan Murphy’s and Givit to give women returning to work a leg up. All profits from our Summer Ale sales from 24 February – 9 March , will go towards GIVIT, a not-for-profit donation platform that works with more than 4,300 support organisations around Australia.

In discussions with GIVIT, we learned that there has been a number of women returning to work or beginning their careers in industries that require safety boots, who were unable to afford them. A number of charities around Australia have been requesting assistance with this. Safety boots are a requirement in the brewing industry, so we wanted to help, as we’d love to see more women in brewing of course!

If you’d like to help put women into boots, there’s a number of ways you can get involved.

There’s 234 Dan Murphy’s stores around the country that stock our Summer Ale, and the profits from all sales from 24th Feb – 9th March, we’ll be donating directly to GIVIT. GIVIT guarantees that 100% of the funds from this fundraising activity will go directly to women in need.

You can also drop into any Dan Murphy’s store and donate directly to this great initiative at any register.


Our 4th edition of Warrior Woman has taken flight! We love sharing this beer on IWD with beer lovers and beer new comers. The 2022 brew is a super juicy hazy pale that offers up luscious bursts of pineapple, mango and citrus.

It’s sweet, refreshing and tropical, coming in at 5.8% ABV.

Cans are available from our Brewery Tasting Room in Spotswood now, and join us on March 6th for our huge IWD celebration and the official launch of our IWD beer on tap! More details on the event here.

P.S.Get in quick, as the cans are super limited.


  • Curious Craft Ales
  • Beach Hotel Byron Bay (on tap)
  • Murwillumbah Cellars
  • Sun Bistro Hotel
  • Spec Gold Coast (on tap)
  • Backbone Bar & Kitchen (on tap)
  • Tugan Cellars
  • Coolangatta Hotel
  • Boat House Tavern
  • House of Brews (on tap)
  • Loose Moose Taphosue (on tap)
  • Advancetown Hotel
  • Element Bar (on tap)
  • Tourist Hotel Narrabri
  • Banc Brasserie (on tap)
  • Mr Edward’s Alehouse (on tap)
  • Miss Demeanour (on tap)
  • The Gresham (on tap)
  • Streat Easy (on tap)
  • Wood ford Hotel
  • Tiipplers Tap (Southbank) (on tap)
  • Tipplers Tap (FV) (on tap)
  • Wickham Hotel (on tap)
  • Cellarbrations Bowen Hills
  • Black Sheep Bottle Shop
  • Peregian Beach Hotel (on tap & cans)
  • Dove & Olive Hotel (on tap)
  • Red Bottle Alexandria
  • Camperdown Cellars Parramatta Rd
  • Beer Cartel
  • The Unicorn Hotel (on tap)
  • The Lord Dudley (on tap)
  • Craft Cartel
  • Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club
  • Young Street Hotel (on tap)
  • Oldfield Cellars
  • Prince of Wales Mereweather
  • Whitebridge Cellars
  • Blackhearts & Sparrows
  • Terminus Hotel Clifton Hill ​​(on tap)
  • Palace Hotel South Melbourne ​​(on tap)
  • Retreat Hotel Abbotsford ​​(on tap)
  • Thornbury Local ​​(on tap)
  • The B.East
  • Vault Restaurant + Bar ​​(on tap)
  • Littlefoot ​​(on tap)
  • Doutta Galla Hotel ​​(on tap)
  • PY Liquor
  • Vin Wine & Spirits
  • Hudsons Road Wine & beer
  • Newport Cellars
  • Ascot Vale Foodworks
  • Monty’s of Williamstown
  • Freddie Wimpoles (on tap)
  • The Kilburn (on tap)
  • Railway Hotel Windsor
  • Camden Hotel
  • Vintage 72
  • Henry Street Cellars
  • Press Cellars
  • Wines on Poath
  • Purvis Richmond
  • Decanters by the Bay
  • Oxford Scholar (on tap)
  • Midtown Cellars Ballarat
  • Stockade Cellars
  • Mane liquor
  • Old Bridge Cellars
  • Cellarbrations Vic Park
  • Besk
  • Liquor Barons Marmion
  • Scarborough Cellars
  • Copper & Oak Liquor Merchants
  • Dutch Trading Co (On tap)
  • Nieuw Ruin
  • Clancy’s Canning Bridge (on tap)
  • Flying in soon!


You can find Warrior Woman twin packs (2 x 500ml cans), as well as the limited edition 2022 Warrior Woman t-shirts in our webshop for nation-wide delivery now.

P.S.Get in quick, as the cans are super limited.


We’ve teamed up with Quizmeisters to create an online quiz, featuring women doing wonders of course! Test your knowledge and you could win a Two Birds prize pack. What are you waiting for?!

Grab a beer with your mates and complete the quiz in a team.


If you’re back out there supporting hospitality, firstly….thank you!!!, and if you’d like to join in on a fully fledged IWD Trivia night, you can catch this fun filled, women doing wonders show at the following venues around Oz. Two Birds prize packs at every venue are up for grabs! So grab your crew, get sassy with your team name and test yourself. 

How well do you know women film-makers, artists and  trailblazers that have changed laws and flown in space??


State: Venue
Sydney Chippo Hotel
Sydney Four In Hand
Sydney Regent Hotel
Sydney Oxford Tavern
Bendigo Social Bendigo
Newcastle Young St Hotel
Newcastle Family Hotel
Brisbane Beyond The Pale
Brisbane Dude & Duke Bar
Brisbane Tipplers Tap – Fortitude Valley
QLD Southport SLSC
Perth Johnny Fox
Adelaide The Stag
Adelaide The West Thebby Social Club
Melbourne Montmorency-Eltham RSL
Melbourne Windsor Alehouse
Melbourne Back Alley Sally’s
Melbourne Fitzroy Beer Garden
Melbourne Golden Vine Hotel
Melbourne Stolberg
Melbourne The E-Bar (Old England Hotel)
Melbourne The Oxford Scholar
Melbourne The Swan Hotel
Melbourne Alice Rebels Bar
Melbourne The Budgie Smuggler
Melbourne The Deck
Melbourne Panton Hill


We’re lucky enough to have not only great brewing talent at Two Birds, but an awarded writer and not to mention Scientist too!

At first glance, quantum physics and beer brewing don’t have all that much in common. One is mostly theoretical, focusing on the mathematics of particles at the edge of the limits of observation. The other is hands-on, working to perfect the fully observable colour, flavour and aroma of thousands of litres of liquid. It turns out, they are much more similar than one might expect – and not just in a scientific way. For me, they are so similar because they are both cis-male dominated fields in which I have worked. Both are struggling with the issue of increasing gender diversity. But only in one have I been given the opportunity to have a voice.

For me, International Women’s Day is monumentally important as an event to champion those working in male-dominated industries who are breaking the bias. It is a day to celebrate the achievements of trailblazers, to raise visibility around the increasing number of newcomers shifting the gender imbalance, and to offer ways in which these industries can improve not just in gender diversity, but in gender equality. Although the day is named for ‘women’, it’s also important to recognise those that fall outside the gender binary, as they too are breaking the bias.

Celebrating the Trailblazers
When I entered the craft beer industry as a journalist for Crafty Pint in 2016, the lay of the land was quite different. Most breweries I visited did not have any non-males on staff. If it weren’t for a handful of high-profile women in the industry, it likely would have been an industry I never would have had a second glance at. Meeting the likes of Sam Fuss, Jade Flavell and Jayne Lewis was instrumental in allowing me to see that women could be brewers too, and be damn good at it.

In fact, Two Birds has always been a brewery I have respected. Transparently female-owned at a time when I was using a genderless pseudonym to write for fear of negative comments online was an eye-opening juxtaposition. Realising the brewing industry drew many parallels scientifically with physics was easy, but realising it was an industry I could build a successful career in was much harder. For that, I have those women to thank.

Shifting the Imbalance
Since entering the industry, I have worked in four different companies. At one of them, I was told I was only hired because I was a woman. The blow to my confidence lasted a long time, only perpetuated by the number of conversations I’ve had, and still have, in which I am patronised when it comes to beer knowledge. As someone with both a Diploma in Brewing and who is a Certified Cicerone (quite an uncommon double-whammy), this is particularly frustrating.

In the six years since I’ve been a part of it, I’ve seen the industry slowly shift from hiring one ‘token non-male’ to having numerous women on staff, some of which are working their second or third brewing job. It’s exciting to see better representation not just in gender, but in race, sexuality and age. For years, craft beer has been championing its tolerance and acceptance, but the journey to reflecting that in practice has finally begun.

Improving the Industry
In stark contrast to the company in which I was the female hired for the sake of being female, I also worked at a company where I was surrounded by plenty of capable and talented women in management positions. Packaging managers, brewing managers, and even senior supply chain leaders were women. Smaller breweries will not like to hear it, but this is something that the ‘Very Big’ brewery was superior at. A major difference was that the path to leadership wasn’t just paved for those who were talkative and confident. Leadership had many paths, just as valid for the inclusive empath as it was the quiet achiever.

Day to day, it’s important to remember that, just like quantum physics and beer brewing, there are similarities and there are differences. We are similar in our capabilities, our knowledge, and our passion. Men, women, and those in between or outside read the same brewing books as each other, use the same valves and clamps, and (this may come as a shock) drink the same kinds of beer. But, just as those leadership paths suggest, our personalities can be different. Adapting communication styles is vital to allow people to feel comfortable and to succeed in their work environment. What empowers you and what breaks you down might be different to your colleague. And, if you aren’t sure, then just ask. It’s not just the responsibility of International Women’s Day and those who celebrate it to break the bias, it’s the responsibility of everyone, every day.

A word from our founding Brewer Bird Jayne Lewis. 

With the theme of International Women’s Day this year being #BreaktheBias, I have been pondering this topic at length.

Unconscious bias operates beyond our control and awareness, informs our perception of a person or social group and can influence our decision making and behaviour toward the target of the bias.

These biases are conditioning to our environment and are formed by societal influences over the course of our lifetime. The dangerous part about biases is that they operate at a subconscious level, so that we aren’t even aware of it. To our brains, they are just “truths”, when that is not the case.

It is possible to overcome bias, but it starts with self-awareness and reflection and a desire to put in the work to make a change.

I was very fortunate to have strong conditioning around “where women should be”, which is wherever they want to be. My whole working life has been in male dominated industries and I never thought twice about the idea that these industries “weren’t for me”, as a woman. If that’s what I wanted to do, then you could be sure I was just going to do it.

Where my conditioning fell short was “how to be” when I got there. That’s when society’s messaging really got to me. I have long been carrying around views about being too bossy, having too many opinions, being too vocal, being too visible, and about how a woman should look (all examples of bias). Messaging that I don’t believe men receive as loudly or as confusingly as women do.

These biases lead to me censoring myself, to not showing up as my full, flawed, valuable self. When women censor themselves, especially at work, we miss out on many of the benefits of diverse teams, like higher levels of innovation, better customer and consumer advocacy and stronger financial performance.

My internal work is to question these biases as they come up and whether they are actually “truth” and whether they are serving me, and the communities I operate in, or whether I can throw them away and get on with living my best, most authentic life.

So this IWD, I’m looking inside. I am reprogramming my brain one thought at a time and getting the hell out of my own way.

Man or woman,  try taking stock and see if there’s a belief that been put there by someone else, that you can let go of that might break down your own bias and move you closer to a fair, equitable and inclusive world.

Happy International Women’s Day! Cheers to all the Warrior Women out there!


Want to get out there and feel the full vibe of IWD? Let’s do it!

There’s plenty of amazing venues and organisations in every community that get behind IWD, offering up a place for conversation, helping to raise awareness and funds for female focused charities.

Here’s a few that we’d love to give a huge shout out to.

(Two Birds will be flowing from their taps! Wooh!)

7/3/2022 Meet The Brewer Vault CBR Yarraville
9/3/2022 Tap Showcase & Meet The Brewer Doutta Galla
10/3/2022 IWD Tivia Night & Pint Specials  Littlefoot
8/3/22 Tap Celebration The Palace
8/23/22 Tap Celebration  The Retreat
8/3/2022 Tap Showcase, Bar Shout & IWD Trivia! Freddie Wimpoles
8/3/22 Women in Beer Showcase  Terminus 
4/3/2022 Tap Showcase & Meet The Brewer  The Kilburn
8/3/22 IWD Trivia & Tap Showcase The B-east 
9/3/2022 IWD Trivia Night Oxford Scholar
6/3/22 Future Brewers Blackhearts & Sparrows
Month of March Beers of the Month Bathers Beach House 
Month of March  IWD fundraising Tap Percy Flint 
7/3/2022 IWD Trivia & Meet the Two Birds team Clancy’s Canning Bridge
Month of March IWD Celebration Tap Clancy’s City Beach 
IWD Trivia & IWD Celebration Taps
Two Birds Sunday Sesh. Hourly raffle! 
Dutch Trading Co 
Month of March IWD Celebration Tap Old Faithful Fremantle 
8/3/2022   IWD Trivia Night & Tap Celebration   West Thebby Social Club
9/3/2022 IWD Trivia Night & Tap Celebration The Stag 
12/3/22 IWD Luncheon with Two Birds Bar, Live Music & more  Beach Hotel Byron
More to come
9/3/22 IWD Trivia & Tap Celebration Dude of Duke 
10/3/22 IWD Trivia & Tap Celebration Wickham Hotel 
8/3/22 IWD Trivia & Tap Celebration Tipplers tap – Fortitude Valley 
8/3/22 IWD 2 Tap Celebration  Banc Brasserie
8/3/22 IWD 4 Tap Celebration Mr Edwards Alehouse & Kitchen
8/3/22 IWD Tap Celebration Miss Demeanour
8/3/22 IWD Tap Celebration The Gresham
8/3/22 IWD Tap Celebration Botanic Bar
8/3/22 IWD Tap Celebration & online IWD Trivia Peregian Beach Hotel
8/3/22 IWD Tap Celebration Tipplers Tap Southbank


Starting a new job can be daunting for everyone, even more so in traditionally male-dominated industries. Our neighbours, Hard Yakka Australia  heard about the work we’re doing supporting women in this space, and jumped at the opportunity to donate 25 of their kick-ass boots for women who require safety footwear for their jobs.


We’re on the hunt of 25 incredible women who ‘Just. Get. It. Done’. The quiet achievers, who break traditional gender norms’ bias, follow their dreams and only ask to be taken seriously in return. We all know who they are.

Nominations are open until 10th March. All you need to do is give them a little shout out and tag them in this INSTAGRAM post!


The supremely talented, quirky and unique artist Kasey Rainbow put it out to the universe late last year that she’d love to design a beer can one day…..well, the world is a small place and a few tags and messages later, she was on board to create our 2022 Warrior Woman design. We just love it.

Take a peak of the process here and be sure to follow her work.