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LIST EIGHT: Cass’s Top 5 Commercial Killers – Sets Of Two Moves That You Can Do During Commercials To Stay Moving, Even If It’s Only For A Bit A Day (There’s A Lot Of Commercials)

Ps. I know Netflix doesn’t have commercials so do a set between episodes…

Cass – Logistics Lord / Yes, she does F45

Choose a set for the series you’re watching or alternate throughout the day ORRRR throw em all together and you have a work out!

Set 1: Brutal Butt And Abs Burner!

Move 1: Flutter Kicks (10 kicks per leg) – lay down with your back flat on the floor. Raise your shoulders of the floor, keeping your neck relaxed (Either put your hands behind your neck to support or out straight towards your legs). Engage your core and alternately raise and lower your legs.

Move 2: Glute Bridge (10 raises, either single leg or both legs on the floor) – lay flat on your back. Bend your legs and plant on to the floor. Keeping your shoulders on the floor and your neck relaxed, raise your butt, engaging through your glutes, hold for a second and lower again.


Set 2: Froggies!

Move 1: Frog Squats (10 times) – stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Lower down into a squat, put your hands together and place your elbows in between your knees pushing your knees outwards. Raise your butt to the roof while lowering your head to the floor. You should feel a pull in your hammys. Then return to start position in a squat.

Move 2: Side Lunges (10 per side) – stand a bit further than shoulder width apart. Bend one leg and lean towards that leg, while keeping the other leg straight. Hold for a sec and raise back to starting position, do the other side.


Set 3: Shoulder Screamer! (Find any box or weighted thing, case of cans works perfectly)

Move 1: Shoulder Press (10 reps) – stand woth your legs shoulder width apart, tuck your butt, engage your core. Lift the box above your head, and lower to your face (please watch your face, I’ve hit my face waaaay too many times haha)

Move 2: Shoulder Push (10 reps) – same set up as the shoulder press, except you’ll start with the box at your chest. Push the box out from your chest and bring back in, squeezing your back muscles.


Set 4: Abs Annihilator! (This one’s easy I promise)

Move 1: Inch Worm – start standing. Walk your hands out into a plank position. Once you complete move 2, you walk your hands back to your feet and stand up.

Move 2: Plank (20 secs) – hold your plank. Tuck your butt, push out of your shoulders, and engage your core. Can either do on your hands or elbows, and can be done on your toes or knees ( as long as your butt is still tucked and abs engaged!)


Set 5: Upper Body Builder!

Move 1: Dips (10 reps) – use a couch or stool or whatever you have. Sit on the edge, place the palm of your hand on the edge of the stool with your fingers hanging over the edge. Walk your feet out to a right angle or further (whatever’s comfortable), bend tour elbows and dip your body down to the floor. Engage through your arms, and push your body back up to straights arms.

Move 2: Push-ups (10 reps) – start in a plank position (different options apply), push down through your shoulders and elbows and raise again.


ALSO! My favourite thing to do during shows (other than smashing a pack of sweet potato chippys) is stretching, so try it…

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