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Ok so you’ve had some really bleak Western films. And novels. Plus some stellar food, beer and streaming show pairings. But now for a change of pace.

Introducing… LIST FOUR: Blake’s Top 5 Boardgames

Hand selected from our flock’s epic email thread of what we’re up to now we can’t sink pints at our local.

Blake – VIC Ambassador / Resident Sleuth

With everyone having to stay at home during this pandemic, the best way I can think of passing the time is playing board games. Whether you’re stuck in isolation solo, with a partner, or several housemates, here is a selection of quality board games, as reviewed by me as I’m a massive nerd. 

Please note: There will be no inclusion of Monopoly as it’s a terrible game and I don’t want blood on my hands from the inevitable murders that would occur playing it.


1: Cosmic Encounter: 3-5 players

A personal favourite of mine. A competitive game about controlling the galaxy. Each player takes on an Alien species that has the potential to break the game in interesting, chaotic, ways. Very easy to learn and great replayability as there are over 50 species in the base game to choose from, it means that each game is completely different from the last.

Cosmic Encounter | Board Game


2: Fog of Love: 2 player (Hilarious to watch though)

Ooh boy, this is an interesting one. They say that during quarantine, people will either break up, have a kid, or get married. With Fog of Love, you can test it out beforehand! Less of a competitive board game and more of a simulation, Fog of Love puts two people together and has them navigate the highs, and lows, of being in a relationship. You are either working together to make it last, wanting something casual, or looking to end it all, whilst also needing to consider your own life goals! Games end up playing out like a romantic comedy and can be pretty funny to watch. Try it if you want to give something a go that is wholly unique.

Fog of Love | Board Game


3: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: 1 – ??

If you are going through self isolation solo like myself, this is a great one to be able to play on your own, or with other potential detectives on Skype. Almost like a choose your own adventure book, you are assisting Sherlock Holmes solve cases. You’ll go all over London collecting clues, questioning suspects. Think you have solved the case? Congratulations! You get to be belittled by Sherlock for not solving it as fast as him.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases


4: Hive: 2 Player 

This is my substitute for Chess. A head to head game of one colony of insects versus another. The aim of the game is to surround the opposing players queen bee. Each bug moves differently as they all swarm around each other unable to break free from the Hive. A game can go for about 15 minutes, so can be real quick, but has all the strategy of a grandmasters game of chess.

Hive | Board Game


5: BANG!: 4-7 players

Probably the one game on this list that is the hardest during quarantine, but if you have a large family and the desire to trick people, this is the game for you. 1 player is the sheriff, whilst the others are either their loyal deputies, no good outlaws, or the crafty Renegade. The aim of the game is the for the sheriff and deputies to eliminate the outlaws, the outlaws want to eliminate the Po-po, and the Renegade wants to eliminate everyone and be the last person standing. The twist is that the only role that is visible to everyone is the Sheriff, so there is a bit of bluffing going on. The Sheriff can’t be sure who to trust, the deputies don’t want to be ousted too early or they’ll targeted by the outlaws, the outlaws don’t want to accidentally kill one of their own, and the renegade needs to outlast everyone so they can have a crack at a one on one fight with the sheriff. Great fun living out your own Western adventure.

BANG! | Board Game


NB: I avoided adding Pandemic to the list as I thought that would be a little on the nose…