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Given the lack of sport and competition at the moment, what better way to fill the void than with replays of LIST SEVEN: Sulti’s Top 5 Inspiring Australian Olympic/Commonwealth Moments That Will Make The Hairs Stand On The Back Of Your Neck!? 

Get that winning feeling, just like we’ll have when we’re through this abominable pile of shit we’re currently in!

Sulti – National Sales Manager / Sporting Tragic

1: Cathy Freeman, Sydney Olympics, 2000

An indigenous Australian, with the weight and expectations of a nation on her shoulders. A nation that didn’t want to say sorry. After almost torching herself lighting the Olympic flame, this happens. What a legend. What a Champion. What a suit!


2: Andrew LLoyd, Auckland Commonwealth Games 2000 

 An unassuming Aussie track & field athlete who surely had no chance beating seasoned Olympian Gold medallist’s from Kenya.. This underdog, who was recently recovering from a car crash, dug deeper than anyone else ever before, and the rest is history. Just watch!


3: Keiran Perkins, Atlanta Olympics 1996

 Although being the reigning 1500m Barcelona 1992 Gold Medallist, Perkins was out of form and ridiculed for his poor heat performance and only JUST scrapped through to the final. Fighting illness, or perhaps he was indulging in too much milk? Either way, he shrugged off the criticism let his arms, legs & lungs do the talking and duly crowned himself back to back Gold medals. Amazing stuff!


4: Peter Norman, Mexico, 1968

 I know I’m old, but not that old, I wasn’t alive for this one, but history was. In the 200m final sprint, Peter ran the race of his life, snagging a silver medal. Still to this day, 52 years later, he holds the fastest Australian time in a 200m race. But it was his presence on the podium, standing in solidarity alongside two Americans who wore black gloves, raised their fists and bowed their heads in silence, to symbolise and mark racial equality. A picture tells a thousand words.


5: Steven Bradbury, Salt Lake City 2002

 Save the best ‘till last. Well that’s what his competitors said anyway! If you think you can, you will. If you work hard enough, you achieve. If you persist and believe, you get the results. Be the best you can! You’ve gotta be in it to win it.  Enter sporting folklore, Steve Bradbury, we salute you.


p.s I stuck to olympics for the theme, but James Hird, yep, James Hird.  (Start watching from 1.15)

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