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If you have been wearing your shoulders like earrings for the last few weeks, then here is LIST SIX: Jayne’s Top 5 Things / Self Care Tips, To Help De-Stress.

Jayne – Brewer Bird / Resident Yogi

1: Going for a walk

Get outside. Find some nature, if you can. Breathe some fresh air and get some Vitamin D.

Dogs are optional, but highly recommended. I like taking Tilly to the beach, it’s her favourite place in the world and nothing makes me happier than seeing her having a blast in the water.

2: Writing

I find writing just for the sake of it is a great way of emptying my brain of anything that’s worrying me or taking up unnecessary space.

You can try just sitting in front of a blank piece of paper and seeing what happens or you can try some prompts. Maybe try writing about a couple of things that you’re grateful for.

Today I’m grateful for:

The incredible team that we work with, who are dealing with adversity like bosses
Our community who are taking steps to support us, like visiting the drive-thru

They don’t have to be big things. Often, I am grateful for small things like my morning cup of tea, taking a walk in the sun, snugs from my cat or a lovely interaction with a stranger.

3: Doing yoga

Yoga changed my life both physically and mentally.

From a physical perspective, I have scoliosis and had lived my whole life with lower back pain and required regular visits to the osteopath just to keep me upright. Until I started yoga. After a relatively short period of regular yoga, I experienced significantly reduced pain and my osteo visits went from monthly to twice a year. It has such a positive physical impact on me.

Mentally, I came to yoga when I was burnt out and overwhelmed. It gave me brain space and an opportunity to think about something other than the business. I love that it’s not something that you can be “good” or “bad” at and there is no end point, you just keep practicing.

Most weekends, I spend my mornings at yoga class and my Saturday morning class feels like putting the full-stop on my working week and allows me to transition into “my time”.

If you want to give it a go, check out – lots of good free content, broken down in easy to understand categories so you can find the type of yoga that suits your mood. I like the instructor Jess Rose, I find her really calming.

Ok, you get the drift. I love yoga.

4: Watching animal videos

Nothing makes me feel better about the world than a video of an animal doing something cute / stupid / hilarious.

My go-to’s are pandas (my spirit animal), dogs, mini pigs, goats and otters. I am obsessed with otters and am still not over the fact that I’ve had to cancel my trip to swim with them next month.

Here’s a few vids that always bring a smile to my face…

Husky puppies –
Crazy goats –
Sloth bath day –
Mischievous pandas –
Cuddly otter –

5: Dancing

I don’t subscribe to the theory of dancing like no-one’s watching. I believe in dancing like the world needs to be cheered up by your sick moves.

Get on the d-floor and bust a move. Cut a rug. Krump. Slut drop. Whatever makes you happy. Whatever makes someone laugh.

Bad vibes CAN NOT last through a good dance session. Trust me.

I used to think self-care was bullshit, but we put so much energy into the world and into other people, it’s important to keep some just for you. Self-care may look completely different for you, but I can’t recommend highly enough understanding and putting effort into the things that make you happy.

Namaslay mother fuckers.

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