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Some think seltzer. We say soda.

Just call it Chirpy

Our all natural, low calorie, Brewed Alcoholic Watermelon Soda is here…

Watermelon Chirpy is a new kind of adult beverage. With 10 years of craft brewing know-how to our name, we’ve perfected a recipe that brings together just a few clean ingredients. We take a touch of malt, water and a vibrant infusion of natural fruit flavours, for a refreshing sidestep from beer. Without added sugar, low in calories and only one standard drink per can, Chirpy is the conscientious choice – without tasting like it. 

Every sip greets you with big, bubbly watermelon flavours, while our filtration process creates a crisp, sparkling soda that leaves your thirst quenched, palette cleansed and mind…just Chirpy.

 Fruit Infusions
No Added Sugar
Low Calories
All Natural
Australian Made
4% ABV




Now available across VIC in select Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores.
See the full list here.

…and flying out nationally to a good bottle shop near you, very soon…