The Two Birds story began with a single beer back in 2011 and after 6 years it has grown to a range of five beers, that are brewed all year round. The illustrations and story on the labels depict the inspiration and history of how each beer earned its place in the ongoing range, and also lends a hint on what to expect inside the glass.

Beers 1, 2, 3 and 4 each highlights one of the four key ingredients of beer or a funky addition that can be added into this glorious liquid.  Like most people, the Two Birds enjoy different beers for different occasions and the 5th beer changes with the season.  Enjoy your beer adventure with Two Birds.

Seasonal & limited releases

Every day we’re inspired by life. Flavours, cuisines, music, business, our team and more…

We let our imaginations run wild with this inspiration and as a result, we brew some Limited Release beers, because we can! We often get asked to bring them back, so if you drink these beers and like what you’ve tasted, please let us know! Use the Vote to Brew again button to the right.



Feel the Burn

Brewed with fresh ginger, Feel the Burn has a big upfront hit of the stuff. Hints of lemon and sweet malts keep things refreshing before a fiery finish. Feel the burn!

ABV: 5.2%


An ode to old school aussie slang, this sherbet pours a beautiful reddish-copper, it’s silky smooth toffee malt body leading way to all American resinous hops Chinook, Simcoe and Columbus.

ABV: 6%

Pucker Up

You know what isn’t surprising. That so many badass women work in beer. Know what is? This Berry Sour Stout, our new collaboration made with a crew of beer babes from the Pink Boots Society. Bringing a chocolatey, malt rich stout to life with blackberries and blackcurrants, Pucker Up has been kettle soured for a dark berry tartness that’s sure to catch you off guard.

ABV: 5.2

Märzen Attacks

Brewed just in time for Oktoberfest celebrations, Märzen Attacks is inspired by the traditional beer style – Marzen/Marzenbier. Our take has a lighter malt body and lower ABV – but is proudly brewed with classic noble hop variety, Tettnang and Munich malts for subtle caramel notes, herbal characters and a touch of bitterness.

ABV: 5.2

Flight of Freyja

Our collaboration with Tandem Bar is brewed with whole blood oranges to create a tangy, full bodied New England India Pale Lager.

ABV: 6.1%


Imperial Black Rhino

A little while back we passed on the recipe of Passion Victim to our fave Brazilian brewers, Sunset Brew, so they could bring our passionfruity summer ale to the good folk of South America.
Now they’re returning the favour.
With the original Sunset Brew recipe in our hands, we’ve gone and brewed the award winning Imperial Black Rhino – Russian Imperial Stout.
More than just a flagship beer for Sunset Brew, the Imperial Black Rhino, is a love letter to the stories shared of the great rhino which inspired the brewery (and is symbolic of Sunset Brew to this day).
With dark malts, hops and sweet aromatic notes of cocoa and coconut the Imperial Black Rhino is a creamy, balanced stout, dark like the African night and strong like its powerful namesake.
ABV: 10%


Chew Tang Can

Cloudy, big on fruit & heavy on the hops
ABV: 6%

Sundaze Sippah

Thirst quenching, fruity & delightfully easy drinking
ABV: 5%

Fruit Tang Can

Juicy & deliciously refreshing with enough zap to ruffle a few feathers.
ABV: 3.8%

Lock, Stock & Dubbel Barrels

While the entire British Empire was being built on cups of tea, Belgium was busy making dark malty beers. Our Belgian Dubbel has been stored away in former wine barrels for a deliciously oaky brew with sweet notes of toffee, raisin, chocolate and a touch of funk. A nice dark pour with an 8.5% ABV, this Limited Release is best shared around a card table amongst friends (just keep it low-stakes)…

ABV: 8.5%


Purple Reign

Pouring a beautiful bright, dark purple and smelling of rich berries, our Purple Reign Imperial Gose is a kettle sour, jam packed with a queen sized order of the juiciest blackcurrants we could find. The traditional 8th birthday gift of salt provided the ruling for this years beer style with a balanced tartness allowing the deep, berry richness to reign supreme.

We’ll celebrate turning 8 in royal fashion and at 8% ABV, it’s one to savour in your kingdom.

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