The Two Birds story began with a single beer back in 2011 and after 9 years it has grown to a range of five beers (and now cider!) that are brewed all year round. Experimental limited releases are also a favourite of ours, with a new beer flying out every few weeks.

Seasonal & limited releases

Every day we’re inspired by life. Flavours, cuisines, music, business, our team and more…

We let our imaginations run wild with this inspiration and as a result, we brew some Limited Release beers, because we can! We often get asked to bring them back, so if you drink these beers and like what you’ve tasted, please let us know! Use the Vote to Brew again button to the right.


Kenny Porter

Pouring a deep ruby red, Kenny Porter is the smooth, seductively chocolatey old friend you’d happily sail away with. The perfect duet partner through and through, Kenny Porter is all that you could want on his own and with Dolly Sour by his side, a true showstopper. ABV: 5.8

Dolly Sour

A cheerful ray of sunshine bursting with raspberries, you can rely on Dolly Sour to uplift any day with her vibrance, balanced sweetness and touch of cheek. Like the pieces of any true duet, Dolly Sour is perfection on her own and irresistibly delicious with Kenny Porter by her side. ABV: 4%

Lemon Meringue PIEPA

I’m filled with nitro, so give us a shake and pour like you’ve got no time to waste. Brewed using a bumper crop from Brewer Mat’s lemon tree, this Oat Cream IPA has all the trimmings of the perfect Lemon Meringue Pie. Intense lemon from fresh peel & citrusy hops, a rich yellow filling and the crème de la crème – a pillowy, smooth top. ABV: 6.3%

Eazy Duz It

Eazy Duz It. Our Hop Harvest 2020 Limited Release. Made with Ella and Enigma hops, picked fresh straight outta Tasmania, this Session IPA has a light malt body, balanced with a firm bitterness, tropical notes and a touch of red grape. ABV: 4%


Chew Tang Can

Cloudy, big on fruit & heavy on the hops
ABV: 6%

Fruit Tang Can

Juicy & deliciously refreshing with enough zap to ruffle a few feathers.
ABV: 3.8%

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