Like the mythical Minotaur is half man, half bull, this beer is half Wheat beer, half salty sour Gose. Brewed with 2 types of wheat, a healthy dose of acidulated malt and an acid producing yeast strain, for a slightly tart finish. Salt was added to contribute fullness to the palate and give the beer a moreishness.

For an extra twist, we added grapefruit peel with NZ Riwaka and US Chinook hops, known for their citrus characters.

The Minotaur is hazy, pale and refreshing with subtle hints of grapefruit and a light briny-ness. If you’re a sucker for a margarita, try it with a shot of tequila.

Brewed with our mates at Netherworld in Brisbane, The Minotaur is the unnatural offspring of a female owned brewery and a beast of a venue.

4.1% ABV

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