West Side Story pays homage to the building in Melbourne’s inner west, that houses our brewery and tasting room in Spotswood, “The Nest”.

WG Goetz and Sons operated from 1875 to 1999 and they were on this site since 1939. They were Engineers, Toolmakers, Diemakers and they made Sheet Metal and Can Making Machinery. Upon outbreak of hostilities in WWII, the entire resources of Goetz were directed to the manufacture of precision gauges, machinery, presses and tooling for production of bullets and machine gun charger clips.

To honor this, we used Australian ingredients, with the exception of Manuka Smoked malt from Gladfield in New Zealand (it’s almost Australia, right?!), to brew a smoky dark ale with gunpowder tea. It utilises Vienna, Amber, Crystal and Roast malts with Topaz and Helga hops. West Side Story is complex, round and robust, with balanced smoky notes and is sure to warm the cockles of your heart. 5.8% ABV.

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