Dolly Sour & Kenny Porter (Solo or Duet Carton 16)


The hallmark of any true duet partnership is this – great solo, even better together. That was the guiding wisdom when brewing Dolly Sour and Kenny Porter (and who better to pay homage to than these old friends). The pair can be mixed together for some raspberry chocolate magic or enjoyed separately, one after the other. The main thing is that you drink them together, ah-ha.

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A bit about Dolly…A cheerful ray of sunshine bursting with raspberries, you can rely on Dolly Sour to uplift any day with her vibrance, balanced sweetness and touch of cheek. Like the pieces of any true duet, Dolly Sour is perfection on her own and irresistibly delicious with Kenny Porter by her side. ABV 4.0%

What we think about Kenny…Pouring a deep ruby red, Kenny Porter is the smooth, seductively chocolatey old friend you’d happily sail away with. The perfect duet partner through and through, Kenny Porter is all that you could want on his own and with Dolly Sour by his side, a true showstopper. ABV 5.8%